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Our story ?

The beginning

Biesheim, September 1997. The adventure, begins with Pierre-Louis and Adrien in the kindergarten. A few words were exchanged and immediately a friendship was born, at just    3 years old! From the age of 6 years old, our activities were already making huts of all kinds (3 floors in the tree of the garden, with carpet and Plexiglas windows), kayaking in the village and empty fishing trips often.

The middle school and high school arrive after the pair has separated for several years. The distance between the study sites didn't allow us to maintain a link during this period.

20 years ago, the two buddies went on a succession of festive without stopping spending time in the wild. One evening, during an evening rich in hops in the Alsatian capital, the pair met again by chance. Immediately we understood that our interests had not changed since all these years.

Pierre-Louis has graduated from a BTS in the conception and implementation of automated systems, he is the logistics expert of the team. He thought up and tinkered with all the modifications of the equipment in order to improve practicality and ergonomics during the expedition. He will open the oysters, a crucial role because we will depend on them! He will also be the producer of our videos, he learns it through this website, a little introduction for him.

Adrien, a graduate from a Masters 2 in Environmental Geography, is in charge of organising the itinerary. He has already had a taste of Norway and his knowledge of geography helps him with the notions of navigation on land and also on the sea. He is the expert on the itinerary and the environment this confirms the great trust Pierre-Louis has in him, he himself finds it risky. He will also be the expert on fishing and adventure photography! This gives an additional role rather than just stupidly following the North of the compass.

Our profiles

Tasks were shared during the preparation so that each person was able to manage problems independently and everyone would know the expedition from A to Z. However, we still have our preferred areas of expertise.

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