As the number of resupplies during the expedition is relatively limited, we must be as autonomous as possible. To do this, we rely firstly on the resources of the ocean. The waters of Norway are rich in cod, saithe, halibut,... We will bring fishing gear with us.

In addition to the fish we will eat seafood, shellfish such as oysters and mussels.

Algae will also be an important source of vitamins and trace elements, none of the species is toxic. We just have to be careful to not ingest too much iodine.

Finally, shellfish will also be on the menu to diversify meals.

The food supply

"The nature at the heart of our plates"

The products of our environment

The dry products

We have chosen to conserve starchy foods and dried vegetables in 1L bottles with large necks, which allows a faster replenishment.

The diet should be very rich in oils and sugars. For this purpose we will have bottles of different oils (olive, sesame,...). To spice up the fish we have chosen about ten spices and herbs.

In the objective of avoiding food shortages, we will provide ourselves with fresh products with each replenishment.

Finally, there are a large number of recipes dedicated to cooking on a wood fire, the way of cooking is a little bit different but the results are surprising. We're also making our own bread!

The fresh products

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