Our house for 8 months will be the hilleberg nammatj GT3 tent. It is a 3-seater tent (3.4m2) that will allow us to stay comfortable during rest periods. The roof allows us to stay dry, with a waterproof 5500 Schmerber. The floor mat is a 20000 Schmerber.

Sleeping will be essential in order to recover well from our tiring days. For this purpose we will have Mountain Hardwear Lamina -16 duvets, in which we will put our Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme meat bags, for more comfort and a thermal gain of a few degrees. The mattress is inflatable, and measures 5cm thick. It's a Thermarest Trail Pro Large.

The camp

"Rain was invented for the human feel happy under a roof."



Cooking food will be done by fire when possible. So we have material to cut and chop wood : a polyvalent axe from the Hultafors brand to cut a tree or slit logs, as well as 2 folding saws. Lighters and a fire stone which can function even in wet weather and will be used to light the fire and the stove.

The stove will be used in the tent when the weather is bad. It's an MSR Whisperlite Combo stove, so we can use different fuels like gas, oil and kerosene when we don't have wood.

We can therefore ask the fuel when we run out, the locals will probably have engines to operate (chainsaw, boat, lawn mower...).

The cookware is made of stainless steel, composed of 3 pots and pans and their lids. These will serve as plates if necessary. Finally, we can add that the purpose of these nestable cookware is to be able to create an oven that will allow us to make bread, for example.

We both have a titanium spork which is a very strong and light spoon fork.


Finally, the hydration part, which will be facilitated by the large presence of fresh, pure water on the Norwegian coast. We each have a 10L MSR water cow, a 1L5 Nalgene bottle, a 1.5L Thermos, as well as a 3L Camelbak. That makes 16L of water per person.

On the gourd or water cow we can graft our MSR Guardian water filter, which can filter up to 10000L of water with a single cartridge. It doesn't need maintenance because 10% of the treated water is used to clean the filter, thanks to a double circuit.

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