Our equipment consists of a few tools that need to be regularly recharged, such as cameras, computers and GPS. It therefore requires a relatively high energy source to or for ??? recharge everything.

The energy

"Elements at the service of technology."

The sun 

We chose to leave with a large 40A lithium battery of the Goalzero brand. It's able to deliver 220V to recharge the computer or drone. 

This battery is recharged by a 100W solar panel of the same brand: in 8 to 16 hours the charge is complete.

We also leave with a smaller 16W panel that can deliver 12V, it will be used as an extra to charge telephone/GPS type devices

We have chosen to leave with a wind turbine in order to be totally autonomous. It will allow us to charge 2 small batteries 20A with a dual USB output.

By placing it in a stream, under a waterfall, or exposing it to the wind, we can recharge our auxiliary batteries.

Wind and water

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