"Rudimentary, but effective !"


The list of hygiene supplies is obviously limited. Nevertheless, it's important to maintain good hygiene in order not to damage our morale.

First of all we will have a Marseille soap for the body, hair, and laundry. It shouldn't be abused to avoid drying out the skin.

Then we have a special sea soap, which is very oily and will prevent the salt from settling and attacking our skin.

We will therefore wash ourselves either in the sea, in rivers or lakes, or on the camp with water heated on the fire.

We will use microfiber towels, which are very thin and dry quickly.

Moisturizers will also be important, especially for hands and head. These are the parts most exposed to the salt, the sun on long summer days, and the wind.

The toilet paper will first be vacuum-packed so that it remains dry and does not take up too much space. It will  be then burned after usage.


Laundry can be done in a small folding basin, but must be done according to the weather conditions. Wool requires special drying conditions.

Finally, we will wear sunglasses from the Jura brand Julbo. The particularity of the Swell mount resides in their buoyancy and their resistance.

Octopus lenses are polarized and photochromic, which allows a vision without reflections on the water and an adaptation of the lens to the light intensity (cat. 2 to 4).

The emergency kit contains everything you need to treat cuts and burns, which will be our two most common types of injuries. It will contain several different medications, enough to staple, suture, and place a tourniquet.

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