« All men like to think that they can do it alone, but a real man knows that there is not substitute for support, encouragement or a pit crew. » Tim Allen

Our Sponsors

For two young adventurers like us, it was difficult to finance the expedition completely on our own. This is why we quickly started to look for sponsors to support us throughout the project. After a few negative answers, we finally got a proposal that was way above our expectations.


PRIJON, a german kayak brand decided to support us in our adventure by providing all our navigation equipment thanks to Max (sales). We had the chance to test a new expedition kayak, called « The Grizzli » the model which we will be in charge of promoting, with photos and feedbacks on our experience. Moreover, we also had the chance to meet Toni PRIJON, a kayaking expert, and son of the founder of the brand who granted us its confidence. We visited the company’s headquarter located in Rosenheim. Many thanks to them for their support and trust. They are making our expedition dream come true.

Altitude et esprit montagne

Once we obtained the navigation equipment, we had to think of the material used for the life on earth. A few kilometers from home is located a specialised store in outdoor equipment : Alitude et esprit montagne in Colmar.

After meeting the manager, Eric Walther, he proposed to us its great support. We came several times to the store in order to define our needs and we were kindly given technical tips and recommendations as well as a part of our equipment.

Thank you very much to our local sponsor !

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The town of BIESHEIM

Still at a more local scale, the city where we’ve lived now for 25 years, also wished to participate to our project. In exchange for their support, we will spend some time at the school of the village before our expedition and also when we will be back in order to tell them about our adventure.

Thank you to the mayor and to the municipal council for their support. Many thanks also to Credit Mutuel (Bank) from Biesheim for their donation.

Tente 4 saisons

Thanks to the the precious tips of the manager of the store Tente4saisons (, Pierre Montaland, where we chose our camping equipment. He is the expert in France of the brand Hilleberg, our high-end tent. We would like to thank him for his great support !


Many thanks to the sunglasses brand Julbo which kindly provided us our two pairs of see sunglasses.

Camino Kayak

Thank you very much to Vincent Achard, sea kayaking expert and manager of Camino Kayak. Native from the North West of France (Bretagne), he already have had the opportunity to navigate in « dangerous » places such as Cape Horn.

He will support us during the last preparation just before our departure. Many thanks Vincent for your precious tips and your trust on our adventure.

Raskas Kayak

Finally, our thanks to Jérémy Metzger, manager of Raskas Kayak, who guided us during our first hours on the sea. He also told us great recommendations about our the navigation topic. He also introduced us to Vincent.

And you !

We could not end up at this part without thinking of all our donors, throughout the online fundraising platform and the funding pot. Thank you very much to all who helped us in any way, closely or remotely involved in our project. A great thanks ! We definitely know that we will not be alone during those long expedition months to come!

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