The Norwegian climate is quite harsh, although on the west coast is warmed by the gulfstream. This will prevent us from experiencing too low temperatures. Indeed it will oscillate between -10 and 25 degrees Celsius approximately, over the whole expedition.

On the other hand, rain will be present, especially in the Bergen region from where the expedition  will start.

So we are going to have only one outfit for 8 months of adventure. We will superimpose the layers, using the onion technique. We can accumulate layers of wool and synthetic material depending on temperature and humidity.

Our clothes

"In Norway there isn't bad weather, there are just bad clothes."

We each have  3 layer goretex outfit (pants and jacket). Our first layer is made of technical underwear made of merino wool. On top we can wear a merino wool sweater from Sherpa, a synthetic micropolar from The North Face, or a synthetic down jacket from The North Face.

The trousers can be adjusted into shorts if necessary, it's a Fjallraven Karl Pro zip-off, in G1000 which has a very resistant textile.

Merino wool has the particularity of being warm even if damp and doesn't take on too much odour.

The head net will also be useful if our bivouacs are in marshy areas and not very exposed to marine winds.

Finally we have all our accessories like gloves of different thicknesses, a hat, wool socks, synthetic down slippers and of course waterproof shoes.

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